We Promise To:


provide the highest quality products possible


continually meet and exceed the expectations of our customers


build solid and prosperous business partnerships

We are experienced leaders in the forms industry

Who We Are

KDM Enterprises is a privately owned company that began as a logistics company in 1989. Their successes led to the opening of KDM Products in July of 2000. Starting mainly as a computer paper stock forms company, we have continued to diversify our product lines to keep up with the demand of our customers. Today, we have over a dozen categories of paper and label products to choose from.

What We Do

KDM is an experienced leader in the forms industry. We manufacture a wide variety of products to offer for our partners through distribution channels. We specialize in custom printed and stock computer forms, labels, custom printed and blank laser cut sheets, snap sets,  jumbo laser rolls, engineering/inkjet rolls, void fill packaging, copy paper and logistics services. Contact our friendly customer service department or your local sales representative, and we will be happy to assist you. Your individual needs will be solved promptly with a live associate.