Snap Sets

Product Details
  • KDM can offer you and your customers a full range of snap sets, also known as snap-outs or unit sets. These forms have either a tear of stub or can be edge glued.
  • There are many options that can accommodate any style form needed. Snap sets are made up of two or more parts. The paper can be the same on all parts or each part can be different. The number of parts and type of paper will depend on the use of the form in the workflow process.
  • Capabilities for snap sets: perfs, punches, gluing, paper type, stub widths, numbering (crash, consecutive), up to 6 parts, 4 color spot
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    Snap sets are efficient and convenient in today's businesses. Many companies still need multiple copies for their day to day operations. Snap sets are used in restaurants as guest checks, bill of ladings in the trucking industry as well as many other markets.