Jumbo Rolls – Data Center Rolls

Product Details
  • Jumbo Rolls are single part, continuous printed or blank, perforated or punched forms on a large 40" to 50" diameter roll, with the option of pinfeed or pinless.
  • How are Jumbo Rolls Packaged/Shipped? Each roll is stretch wrapped individually. The size of the form determines how many rolls per pallet. The whole pallet is then stretch wrapped for extra protection. Each roll is banded to a pallet in a rolling position or a poker chip position.
  • Why use Jumbo Rolls? Jumbo Rolls can reduce labor times as well as cost. They enable rapid printing while reducing the handling and down time as apposed to using traditional cartons of forms. You will really be able to appreciate the time savings that come with the use of Jumbo Rolls.
  • Jumbo Roll Capabilities: 3", 5" and 6" Cores, 50" Diameters, 8 1/2", 9 1/2", 11", 12", 14 7/8", 18" Widths, All standard basis weights, Up to 4 spot color wet offset U.V. ink
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    Jumbo Rolls also known as Data Center rolls are used by high volume computer users on roll-fed, high speed laser printers. They are ideal for data centers, use in large-run direct mail campaigns, large corporations who do their own billing. More frequently, promotional letters, credit card statements, membership applications, and invoices.